Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Trip to L.A.'s Olvera's Street Over the Weekend

Nothing beats going to L.A. first thing in the morning on a calm and relaxing weekend day. Last weekend I took a trip down to the one place I remember spending some of my childhood adventures right at the beginning of Los Angeles, a center of Mexican-American culture, Olvera Street. A place that was so far away and a privilege to go to is now an easy access from where I live thanks to the Metro Gold Line. If any of you guys haven't visited this place before, I would highly recommend making this one of your destinations when you head over to L.A. You'll experience the Mexican culture around you and get to learn the history of how it all began. Go take a look on the weekend in the morning to late afternoon where you can go in less traffic and get to look at some of the events and vendors they have going/participating there.

Here's a refreshing Coca-cola that I was craving all day!

I would recommend stopping by at Juanita's Mexican food Cafe for some homemade delicious taquitos and guacamole sauce located right at the heart of Olvera street.

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