Sunday, December 11, 2016

Take a Trip Out of Your Comfort Zone with Friends

This week's travels involved a plan that included visiting a town I never thought would exist and enjoying a bike ride with friends. For a few weeks two of my classmates and I had planned (after finals that's why I went M.I.A. for a month) to stay in a town called Ojia, California which is about 30 miles away from Santa Barbara, and 7 miles from the nearest beach. Not many are probably aware that this town exists because it is hidden along a lane behind the hills. Surprisingly this town had so much excitement to offer. The minute you drive into the the town next to Ojia, Casitas Springs, you can spot Johnny Cash's dream house not too far up the hill. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to stop by to take pictures of the historical monument but at least we got to enjoy homemade pizza from Papa Lennon's and a one-hour bike ride into town. I would also like to add to mention what amazing air quality this area had. With a town that appreciated both nature and peace, how could anyone resist wanting to go back.

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